Black Grouse Waterfall

Distance: 10 km, hiking time: 4-5 h, height: 550-900 m.a.s.l., difficulty: medium, partially steep and narrow trails, sure-footedness and proper hiking equipment needed.

Starting from the Visitor Center in Lagodekhi the trail follows the ever changing Shroma River at the slope of the Ninigori Mountain. As you follow the trail you will cross the river and walk through the untouched hornbeam-beech forests with other species like chestnuts, maple and ash trees. If you take care, you can observe the huge biodiversity and discover many tree species, deep green ivies, tasty blackberries, huge beetles and a variety of birds. If you are lucky, you can even see roes, deers and wild boars. The narrow path ends at the 6 m high Black Grouse Waterfall.

The way is marked in yellow/white/black.

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