Machi Fortress

Distance: 10,5 km, hiking time: 4-5 h, horseback riding time: 3 h; height: 450-750 m.a.s.l., difficulty: low-medium

Discover Lagodekhi’s history on the trail that will lead you through moss-covered hornbeam woods to the ruins of Machi Fortress. The fortress was built over 1300 years ago and you can still find its remains hidden deep in the forest near Azerbaijani border. The tour starts at the rangers house in Matsimi, a village 7 km far from Lagodekhi (taxi there and back 15 GEL). The path goes through the fairytale forest (with carpets of blooming snowdrops in spring) up to the gorge of Bneli Kheooba River. From there you will walk 10-20 mins and cross a bridge to the ruins of the medieval fortress and a partly renovated small church. On your way you might be asked for your passport by the Georgian Border Patrol.

The way is marked in yellow/black/white.

Attention: Passport needed!


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