Heretoba Festival

Heretoba is an annual one-day festival held usually at the end of September or beginning of October. The name of the festival comes from the medieval Hereti Kingdom, which emerged in eastern Caucasus between years 893 and 1020. The main goal of the festival is to introduce Georgian traditions and culture to visitors. During the festival day you can watch Georgian traditional dances, listen to Georgian music, taste local fruit, vegetables, wine and other products.

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Blues Fest

International Blues Festival is an annual Lagodekhi event that started in 2017. Performers are well-known musicians such as: Sharon Lewis (USA), Shanna Waterstone (France), Sobo band (Israel), Steve Morrison (GB), Matt Taylor (GB), Baron Goodlove (GB), Wolf Mail (CAN) and The King of Moscow Blues (RUS) as well as all active Georgian Blues Bands. The festival begins around June 15th and ends in the middle of August. Concerts take place every Saturday at Blues Village in the upper part of Vashlovani Street. More info at:

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Festival of Colours

The same way as many other towns and cities all around the world, Lagodekhi has also taken example of traditional Hindu celebration of love and happiness and in 2015 decided to hold its own Festival of Colours. The festival was very successful and became an annual event that usually takes place in the middle of July.

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