Hiking & Nature

Amongst hikers and nature-lovers around the world, Lagodekhi Protected Areas is a perfect place for hiking, horseback riding and wildlife observation. Here you get the chance to experience untouched forests, which are nearly lost in Europe and unique to Georgia. Founded in 1912, it is the first protected area in Georgia with over 1200 animal and plant species. Over 80% of the 24,000 ha is categorized as a Strict Nature Reserve, which is the highest category for protected areas.

You are warmly welcome year-round at LPA’s modern Visitor Centre!

Hiking Map of Lagodekhi Protected Areas

While hiking its well-marked trails, you will discover its unique nature along roaring rivers, impressive waterfalls, rare primary forests up to alpine meadows and the famous Black Rock Lake. Are you interested in bird-watching and animal observation? The World Wildlife Fund acknowledged Lagodekhi as one of the most significant eco-regions in the Caucasus. Keep an eye open for vultures, bearded eagles, Caucasian Snowcocks, East Caucasian Turs, red deers, grey wolves, bears and many other natural spectacles!


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