The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center and the main entrance are located in Lagodekhi town at the end of the Vashlovani St. (197 Vashlovani St.) 2 km up from the marshrutka station at the main road (see map). A taxi up to the Visitor Center costs 4-6 GEL. The administration staff at the Visitor Center provides every information about trails, services and offers in English, Russian or Georgian from 9:00-18:00 everyday and year-round. You are kindly asked to register there for hikes and other activities. Please, bring your passport for the Black Rock Lake and Machi fortress trails.

An exhibition at the Visitors Centre presents the Lagodekhi Protected Areas’ history, flora and fauna. In addition, informational brochures and maps are sold. Mostly private locals provide activities such as horse riding and guided tours (see price list, please book at least 1 day in advance).


Camping is possible at particular places close to the Visitor Center and at the tourist shelters during the 3 days hike. Tents, sleeping bags and other equipment can be rent (see price list below). Drinkable water is available at water sources close to the Visitor Center. You can buy snacks & food either at nearby shops, in the town centre (see map) or at restaurants.

The LPA is also welcoming youth & environmental education activities such as eco-camps, school activities, excursions, conferences and research activities. Please feel free to contact the Visitor Center.


The trails are well marked. The difficulty differs from low to high. Especially the 3 days hike requires hiking experience. Consider taking a guide with you if you’re not experienced hiker. The number for emergencies is 112. Please, inform yourself about the requirements and security situation at the Visitor Center.

Please, check the weather forecast and ask the Visitor Specialist about current weather conditions, since on few days during rain season the river level can rise and some trails have to be closed. Be aware that the temperatures especially at higher altitudes can be comparably lower. Proper equipment is needed particularly in autumn. Ask the Visitor Specialist about the available water sources.

Please, take back your trash! Keep in mind that it is your task and not the task of rangers to take care of your trash. This also includes the cigaret butts! There are trash bins at the beginning and end of each trail. Don’t forget to take your own waste bags (especially for the 3 days hike). Don’t burn trash at the shelters. Thank you a lot for your cooperation!

What to bring for the 3 days hike:

  • Raincoat
  • Water (in summer: >3 liters p.p. per day)
  • Enough food and snacks
  • Head-torch
  • Phone – emergency number 112, eventually the Visitor Center number
  • If needed: tent, cooker, plates, cups etc.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Waste bags (there are waste disposals at the end of the trail)
  • First-aid kit
  • Proper hiking shoes (eventually sticks)
  • Sun protection (skin and head)
  • Passport


You can rent/hire (the prices might vary from season to season):

  • Campsite: 5 GEL p.p. per night
  • Tent: 10 GEL
  • Backpack: 5 GEL
  • Sleeping bag:  5 GEL
  • Camping mat: 3 GEL
  • Horse service: 50 GEL; one horse can max. carry 70-80 kg;
  • Guide: 50 GEL per day;
  • Bed in the tourist shelter: 20 GEL p.p. per night; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel  (max. 16 people)
  • Picnic table: 15 GEL, for Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 GEL
  • Conference hall (50 person): 150 GEL per day 


Aleksandre Loladze, Visitor Service Specialist
Tel.: +995 577 10 18 34, E-mail:

Tea Shalvashvili, Head of Administrative Service
Tel.: +995 577 10 18 90, E-mail:

Please, call only during opening hours (09:00 – 18:00)!

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